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    Chop Chop Chop


    • If you own a Radeon 8500, 9000 or 9200 you might want to check out this guide to get the most out of your card (which, sadly, is among the minimum required).
    • And for those of you with high end cards you might want to check out this article on Firing Squad which goes into how to get the most from Doom 3 out of your bleeding edge brand new and expensive hardware (which you probably bought just for Doom 3). You jerks. I hate you all. :(

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    i owned a radeon 9700 pro and the game was nothing but crashing, and could barely stand up on medium quality, 800x600 on my 2.5 ghz, 1024 megs ddr3 ram rig..

    Well, i had enough, so i went out and bought the 'last' geforce 6800 gt in my province and now the game runs flawlessly at 1280x968x32 on ultra settings... Seriously, i loved my ati card, but the time has come to upgrade...

    I seriously suspect Id was pissed off at ati for leaking the alpha and decided to ruin their performance and stability for Doom3 by not working with them or providing them information on their rendering technology.. It's quite sad, but as of now, Nvidia is the better company imo.

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    On the contrary, I'm floored by the performance of my 9800 Pro. I've only got an Athlon 1700+, so in some more complex areas, it gets choppy because of the lack of processor, however, I'm running at 1280x1024 and can't notice any difference in speed from 800x600. Only when I jump up to 1600x1200 does the vid card start to sweat. And even then, it's still playable. I haven't decided yet whether I like 1024x768 with 4x AA better than 1280x1024 without AA.

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    :: shrug ::

    Runs nice and smooth on my Radeon 8500. Sure I have to play D3 at 640x480 but, then again, I had ot play Quake 3 at that resolution on my Voodoo 3 back in the day.

    The game looks stunning at low resolutions - I think the only people really missing out are the GeForce 4 MX owners as those cards do not have pixel shaders.

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    Amusingly, the game can (in theory) run on a Geforce 2 Ultra. Haven't tried it, though.

    Runs great on my 9500 Pro. Wish I still had my 9800, though.

    As to the guy who had problems with his ATI card - all driver sets previous to 4.7 have problems with Doom 3. You should have upgraded your drivers.

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