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    Classic Gaming Soundfont


    Dmitryi Sizonenco sends word that he has released a .sf2 soundfont specifically tuned for use with classic games such as Doom, Heretic, etc. The soundfont is called Silverspring, and is about 60MB in size. He provided a link to a sample recorded using the soundfont, which is a recording of D_E2M1, "I Sawed the Demons". The soundfont itself can be downloaded from here. In case you do not have a Soundblaster Live or Audigy, or one of the several other sound cards that support the .sf2 format, the download comes with a small software MIDI synthesizer program that can use .sf2 soundfonts.

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    I once got Vintage Dreams SF2, converted it to ARL, argajksfhasfkjasdhaskjga.

    listening to this soundfont...Vintage Dreams sounds like it's worth 10 stars...

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    The guitar was way out of proportion and the start of the sample sounded like some sort of brass instrument... the drums don't sound all that exciting either. Meh... I can't even get the soundfont.

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    Just search MP3.com for Bobby Prince, go to his page, download At Doom's Gate LIVE :]

    Like I done so so soooooo long ago

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    I don't see how this soundfont is any better at playing DOOM music than any of the other many grossly-bloated 60MB soundfonts out there. You'll run out of cache after playing a few maps unless you use a program such as Megafont, which would cause intensive memory swapping. The 12MB soundfonts sound better than this.

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    I just played through all of E1 with this soundfont and I don't notice any cache problems ...

    Oh yeah, now gimme your soundfont.

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    Jesus!! I think I'll stick with my synth!
    I would like the small .sf2 player though...

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    Guest Seidhepriest


    Well, first thing... a tiny anecdote.

    Years ago, I was bored with typical metal and was looking for something new. I got to the music store and asked the salesman if he knew something different from the mainstream, but heavy and melodic enough. He played back Godflesh' "Merciless", calling Godflesh as the "band who have guitars that sound like brass".

    That made me a big fan of Godflesh and especially "Pure", the album with merciless, sterile machine percussion and monstrous, overwhelming, free guitars.

    The Doom soundtrack has the same quality as Godflesh' music: sounds half-human and half-machine, and has a similar roomy, sterile feeling to it as early '90s Godflesh.

    So I thought the "monster lead" guitar for Doom should have the same bright, brassy touch and be, well, overwhelming and monstrous.

    A nice demo would be <a href=http://shipyard.levels4you.com/sounds/sign-of-evil.mp3>Sign Of Evil</a>.

    Another reason for making the soundfont was that there's no soundfont out there with an overdriven guitar heavy & realistic enough that I like. Most sound too dry and weak to my taste. But, of course, sounding is a matter of taste and for people who don't use listening to Carcass, Arch-Enemy, Godflesh, etc. the soundfont will sound weird.

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