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    Classic Update


    GG Inc has been updated with 3 reviews of classic styled wads (namely Classic Doom, No Hope For Life and the now cult CH Retro). There are also words about Caverns of Darkness and pieces of news about Mordeth, mainly dealing with Nick Baker's map in progress.

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    (off topic) I've sent you guys several emails 4 days ago from two different email addresses regarding the new version of XWE, released on 2002-06-06. The news was even posted on doomcenter.com. If you don't want to post this in the news, then please just ignore this message as well. If you simply didn't get my emails, then you might want to add it as a news item.

    I'm probably asking for too much, but would it be possible to move XWE up to the Level Editors list on the doomworld utilities page? Or at least correct the file size - it's definitely bigger than 47Kb, I'm not sure who came up with that number.

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    Hey Csabo,

    I didn't receive your message, but I was offline this week-end, and my inbox was filled with worms-infested emails that prevented me from receiving REAL emails :/
    I'll post the news asap.

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