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    Collector's Doom Revealed


    I was reticent to post this when I first saw it since vendors often like to make up products and due dates, but Stomped has confirmed that there appears to be a new-old-Doom package that will be hitting store shelves in the near future. Entitled "Collector's Doom," the product was (probably unintentionally) revealed on a EBGames pre-order page. So any speculations on what the box will include? My guess is Ultimate Doom / Doom 2 / Final Doom, since the old Depths of Doom trilogy included UDoom / Doom 2 / The Master Levels. I don't see id including any source ports in the package, even though including GPLed ones like PRBoom sure seem like it would be a win-win situation.

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    okay. I haven't been following the Doom3 thing very much. When it comes out, I'll be interested(won't be able to play it) but I'll be interested.
    Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if id plans on releasing 2 games. (not dissimilar to q3a and q3ta) Doom3 for single-player only... and Quake4 for multi-player using the Doom3 engine.
    I think they are just trying to instill life into the Doom legacy... it's not a classic game if many of their prospective buyers have never played the originals.

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    yah yah yah id will probobly release their own front end. hamm, doomlegacy for id?? ownly time will tell!

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    Well, the Depths of Doom Trilogy had the Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Master Levels, and a huge amount of pwads. It also had both applicable Doom95 installers.

    If this is 'Collector's Edition' of Doom... what could it contain?

    The Ultimate Doom
    Doom 2
    Final Doom
    All four Doom95 installers
    The Master Levels

    I suppose, if they had all the permissions and everything, they could also add in:

    Hexen: Beyond Heretic
    Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel
    As well as any 95 versions, I know Hexen had one

    All of those could fit quite comfortably on a single disc. The question is, since this is the 'Collector's Edition', what comes with it that makes you want to collect it?

    A t-shirt?
    A poster?
    A stuffed Cacodemon?
    A wind-up Demon that runs across the desk?
    A Mancubus paperweight?
    A cockring with a soulsphere on it?

    Remembering the Depths of Doom trilogy and it's 400 megs of pwads one can only wonder what will be included. Maybe it'll have a few bonus CDs with all the pwads off of CDROM.COM. Maybe it'll include their favorite ports. Maybe it'll include


    their own source port, kinda like Doom95, but with OpenGL and stuff.

    That's pretty unlikely when they could just dump in all the most current versions of known ports and links to their websites, but you can't really rule it out.

    Will Doom95 run in XP? If not, then the 'Collector's Edition' of Doom might not be very playable to anyone with the new OS. Same goes for a lot of the ports like Boom and MBF.

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    The second that id throw in PRBoom, they'll be fielding support calls from people wondering why GLBoom doesn't work on their voodoo2 (or has this been fixed?). Same for any other port.

    The second you throw it into something you sell, you have to support it. Even if your "support" consists of telling people "yeah, that doesn't work", it takes time and gets people pissed. Probably not worth it.

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    Im sure all those of you who wish you had bought the id anthology will be rushing out to buy it, so there is a market for it. I have the anthology so Im not all that bothered unless they sneak something special into it, which I doubt as it will cut into their profit margins. They need the money to run those ferraris they like to brag about. Assholes.

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    Guest vh5150


    the id Anthology a few years back. But I hope somehow they have an opengl port that is not buggy (then again ya needs a little job security don't cha Mr. C?) and/or updated installers like Doom95

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