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    Compet-N Clones Schwarzenegger


    Adam Hegyi updated the Compet-N page this week with a batch of new speed-demon demos, two of which are 100% secret runs through Doom 2 at Nightmare difficulty, the first ever such demos submitted to Compet-N. Henning Skogsto and Vincent Catalaa have now been crowned \"Super-Schwarzeneggers\" for their amazing feats. The rest of the demos are also incredibly impressive, so take a look at Compet-N now!

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    Actually, these titles are derived from Doom Honorific Titles. The original Schwarzenegger titles (D1S, D2S) appeared there, but that was a once-only achievement (only the first person succeeding received the title). Later we thought everyone achieving these should get a title.
    The Super Schwarzie titles came up somewhat after people started trying 100% secret NightMare demos (and managing).
    Just as D1S, D2S, these are separate titles for both games (D1SS, D2SS). But none of them have "COMPET-N" in their names, since they are ideas by Frank Stajano of DHT, which
    we expanded a bit.

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