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    The COMPET-N homepage has been updated with the results of the latest contest! In new-demo news, there are two new players beginning to contribute some great works, as well as a bunch of crazy new Doom episode 1 Pacifist demos which blow away the old records. There's quite a few other new demos too, including one with a rocket jump. Go over and check it out.

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    Guest Elviele


    uhh..how do you use demos?? zdoom can't run demos and tht is my favorite doom thing..er add-on WHAT EVER THEY ARE CALLED!!!!...uhh hmm well I guess he did a good job..

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    You type doom2 -playdemo ev04-013 or whatever demo you want to watch. It has to be doom2.exe version 1.9. Demos will not work with ZDoom..

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