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    Those wild and crazy COMPET-N runners... apparently recording full-game speedruns in Nightmare mode is just getting too easy, so Adam Hegyi has added in a new category of NM100S movies. It has yet to be seen if anyone will manage to complete a series of levels, either in Doom or Doom 2, in Nightmare while visiting all the possible secrets, but I've learned not to doubt these guys. What else? Well, there's a COMPET-N trivia contest with the promise of fame and fortune if you win. And don't forget the slew of new speedruns to pore over, for all sorts of categories and all the Doom games. A favorite of mine is a Plutonia Map24 demo with both a archvile jump and a rocket jump. Good stuff.

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    Guest PerOxyD2S


    I forgot to say in my record txt on map24 : The Archie Jump is the property of Bastard... he flamed me cause i forgot to mention his name :).... so i am sorry a thousand times Selim :)

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    Guest Bastard


    yeah, it doesn't matter Vincent ... but why didn't you tell me about Anders' RJ whereas I showed you my jump ... you salopard, I had to use a much harder one (still from Anders though) :)

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