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    Controlling Hypertension without Medicine


    TDGMods, the indie development group, has announced in conjunction with Diehard Gamefan, that the official trailer for the Blood re-imagining Hypertension has been released. Hypertension is built using EDGE (that's Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine for the initialism-challenged) for the Sega Dreamcast, PC, Linux, and Macintosh. You can view the trailer here, and doesn't require a prescription. More information about the game can be found here.

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    I love Blood but Meh! I don't like the 3-D models, i would rather like to see them use good sprites instead of mediocre 3D models.

    Also, am i the only one who noticed the that the later part of the trailer uses the same scary background music as the first alpha trailer for Doom3 does? (If you listen carefully you can actually hear a hellknight roar at one point).

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    Yeah, haha, we tried to recreate it at first because I've heard it in other 80's movie trailers before, but in the end we didn't have time so we just sectioned it in there and hoped for the best. Fit the trailer well enough though, and it conveyed the scary/action parts like we wanted in the first place.

    Was wondering when someone would have caught that. =)

    EDIT: On the Dreamcast version there will be an option to swap the 3d models for the sprites to save framerate. The PC version will come with an option to run the game without the models as well.

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    Looking like cheesy goodness (in the nicest possible way!).

    First Harmony and now this. It's a good time to be a DooM engine fan. :)

    Is there an ETA for it, at all?

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    Thanks guys!

    @DuckRecon - I'm sorry about that. Powerdirector is a horrible program, and getting the thing encoded was real trouble. I'm glad the trailer turned out as well as it did because we had a hard time putting it together.

    If any of you are interested, here's an interview, by Diehard Gamefan, that details the development challenges we've faced so far.

    Thanks again for the support, on behalf of our whole team!

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    Holy crap. I love Blood. I've been seriosuly considering lately starting a Blood TC for Doom3. Maybe this will satisfy me instead :-)

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