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    Copy-Pasted Visions


    Tobias Münch has posted news on his temporary Phobos Wad Lab pages:

    I updated my temp PWL homepage with various thoughts about my project "Visions of Eternity". One new map has been completed and there's a screenshot of it available. I also speak about various problems with the map's positions within the episode as well as about Pablo Dictter's latest map release, which was originally a map for VoE.
    Here you go.

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    Am I a complete idiot for suggesting that he use it as e1m4 anyway. So it's bigger than e1m6, who cares anyway?

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    Yeah, it's not as if the original Doom levels go up in order of size; E2M2 is bigger than most of the other E2 levels for example.

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    Guest pablodictter


    Tobias should worry on making the maps fun and nice looking instead of making each map bigger than last one. I never care if one map is bigger than the other one.

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    Yeah, Doom's E2M2 is quite big indeed. But I thought that within an episode the maps should get bigger as you progress. I mean, wouldn't you be disappointed if you played half an hour on, say, E1M4, but were able to rush through a small E1M6 in 10 minutes?

    Anyway, nothing is settled yet, and if you read the update on my page you can see that there are restrictions for arranging the completed maps because of the architecture style etc. I will have to see how I solve this problem. But your comments may be very helpful for my decision. Just keep them coming! You can also mail me all comments, I really appreciate them.


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    I don't think each map has to get bigger as you progress through the game. After I've been playing for while I sometimes get tired of maps that drag on and on, and the short ones are a nice break. In the end all that matters is that each map is fun and unique.

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    I was thinking about it, and E1M6 is quite a good place for a small level. A nice "breather" before E1M7 (which should be reasonably large) and E1M8.

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    How's yours...uuuuhmmmmm... (-:

    There's sense in what you guys say. Better a short but good and unique map than a huge, uninspired map. Like "Man, I must beat the 40 minutes playing time of the last map, so I'll add another ten rooms to it. Don't have any good ideas though, I'll just add some useless stuff and hope noone notices".

    Going to reconsider my strategy again. (-:


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