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    Crazy Move


    The Vrooomer Coda, over there on the Présage pages, has been updated with nothing less than 11 demo packs. These include a pacifist demo of the (doom)world-acclaimed level known as nuts.

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    Guest Johnny Magnum


    Some One should make a doom wad where all the weapons are swords, spears, axes, war-hammers, and crossbows, etc. Really, someone should. I'm getting kind of sick of guns and blasters, someone has to change this somehow.

    Will someone come forward and breplyb to this message?

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    uhm, and this has to do with Vroomer/Presage/Demos in what way?

    btw, watched all demos now. You're fast as hell Albert, but just wait until goth3, that will be a challenge =)

    I guess you're the Nuts champion now, I doubt that anyone will beat that pacifist run.

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    Superwep8.deh and the BFG is way more fun in nuts :),watch as sea's of revenants and barons melt before you,muhahaha

    ..and then die anyway cause you get surrounded,fuck!

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    ... Nutz pacifist. I'm up to about 4000 kills but the monster count is too much for the poor old P233, gonna have to horse it over to the P3 to finish it.

    Quite bemusing to watch that battle going on below, tho!! Reminds me of the time I put on god mode and watched the fun on map30 until I had something like 45,000 corpses piled up. Okay, so I'm easily amused...

    Last time someone released a map with 700-odd monsters packed in one room (BREED.WAD), I had more fun with that damned silly thing, and I still pull it out and play it occasionally. Best time so far is about 1.40, but hardly pacifist :)

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