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    Croatian Lanparty Demos


    Zvonimir 'fx' Bužaniæ sent in a link to a download page of goodies from a recent Doom lanparty held in Croatia, with players such as Oliver 'Biolio' Marèetiæ, Goran Žauhar, Tomislav 'Mihha' Mihaliæ, and Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedliæ (heavy-duty Compet-N speedrunner, remember him?). The files available includes the WADs and utilities used as well as a zipped file of 31 of the demos taken during the lanparty. The download site can be found here.

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    It's great to see the old-school player Mihha back in action and still doing serious damage.

    I'm not commenting on the other players because I don't want to get beaten up within a month ;-)

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    Khm, yes .. doing serious damage, well you must know that he is practising here and there, so we knew he'll be good on us. He's NOT retired yet, not totaly.

    Hmmmz ... don't wan't to ??? You WILL be :)))

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    I've been banned from Lan Parties for being too drunk. I don't get it, the word Party is in it, but they arn't really are they...

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