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    Cryptic Carmack


    Beyond3D conducted quite a technical interview with id software's lead programmer John Carmack. If words like polycount, TruForm, shader or rendering pipeline turn you on, this in-depth inspection of DOOM III's lighting system is the read you're looking for.

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    [19:09] <BigBadGangsta> YAY! MY NEWS GOT POSTED!
    [19:09] <Julian> woops
    [19:09] <Julian> forgot to mention you bbg
    [19:09] <Julian> go post
    [19:10] <BigBadGangsta> Julian : well, I got the news from Dima, so he deserves credit too.

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    well i'm glad someones finally delved deep into what exactly carmack is doing. i'm also kinda disturbed that i barely understand any of it.

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