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    Destroyer's Doom Zone has put up a "second and proper" Doom virtual pet. Features of the pet include feeding, sound, a tazer for discipline (or if you get bored), and a chewtoy.

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    Ch*t it's just the old Doom2.exe launcher !
    It's bad enough...
    I'd like it as ZDoom.

    I'm invincible with ZDoom !
    Let me known your weakness

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    dont take this the wrong way, i'm sure that you're a great player in deathmatch. However, your attitude is quite annoying. Even if you are "invincible in deathmatch" you shouldnt be going around boasting so because you're just giving the impression that you're an irritating egotistical little prat.

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    Guest Kinoshkana


    He IS irritating. Of course, some people think that about me, so I'm not going to make the request I would otherwise.

    have a banana, Ling

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