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    Dark And Stormy Hell


    The Hellstorm TC homepage has been updated for the first time in quite a while, mostly about needing to hear back from several members. There's also a little bit of news about the next texture wad, and some stuff about the released sketches from way back when.

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    Guest Confusion


    This looks to be a very interesting TC. The quality of the graphics is exteremely high, and not all of them are ripped from other 3D games, unlike most of the crap we're subjected to. I just hope it gets finished - so many of these things start well and then slowly faaaade away...

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    Guest Caleb


    man this project sounds good! i know i got more to say here, but i just dont know what it is

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    Hey, Caleb. Do you realized that you misspelled the word "spelled" in your footer?

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    A Halloween release date? OMG that would kick. I love playing DOOM missions around that time of year (I play DOOM throughtout the year despite being way too occupied with everything else, but I seem to get a short bit of free time near Halloween). I remember playing Eternal DOOM four years ago I think and then the next year with DOOM 95 (which I thought was the most amazing thing at the time [EDM at 640x480]). :) Anyways, Hellstorm looks like a solid add-on that will be considered a classic among the DOOM projects.

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