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    Dark Mod Tech Demo Released


    No "witty" puns in this headline, and I am sorry for that. I will try to do better next time. I really couldn't figure something out in the two seconds of time I spent thinking about it. Either way, The Dark Mod team announced over at Doom3World that they released their "Alpha Tech Demo" of the mod featuring a small map called "The Thief's Den".

    Thief's Den is just a few rooms but it is a complete, fully playable mission, and includes a good selection of the main Dark Mod features. Keep in mind that The Dark Mod is still a work in progress and this is reflected in the demo.

    Download url and information can be found in the release thread over at D3W. Also, don't forget to visit their website for assorted goodies such as screenshots and concept art.

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    At last, something playable from the Dark Mod.

    Playing it, it's obvious that there are still quite a few things to work out - eg it was possible to hold a candle about 20 feet in front of me and drop it out of a window - but there were lots of other things that felt pretty complete. Very good, very thiefy. :)

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    Mike.Reiner said:

    Damnit. It doesn't work for me. Enjay, do you run 1.3 or 1.3.1?

    I had been running what ever version of Doom3 came with my DVD way back when Doom3 was released because I didn't want upgrades to mess with my install of Classic Doom3 (because I'd modified it myself and I didn't know if the patches to the mod would mess that up - which, if it had been administered by something like Steam, would not have been possible - got to get the dig in ;) ).

    However, I patched to 1.3.1 for this Dark Mod release (which worked flawlessly with no installation difficulties or start up problems or anything) and then I patched Classic Doom3 only to find that the patch was just the game DLL and it didn't mess with any content anyway. So now I have both installed and working just fine. :)

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    I can't get it working with 1.3.1. I'm using the steam version, but I also own the retail. I'm gonna try retail 1.30.

    My friend bought me the ID Super Pack on steam, in case your wondering..

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    Pretty interesting, I've never played the Thief games so I had to get used to the gameplay, the objectives werent too hard to accomplish.

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    the only reason i didn't play this is 'cuz i'm not going to go to the trouble of finding and installing and patching doom 3 just for an alpha.

    that said, this is a very good sign of progress. call me when the full mod drops.

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    There's a broken URL tag on the front page post, it seems like. It could be because I'm viewing in Opera, though.

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