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    Deep97 v9.79b


    A new version of Deep97 v9.79b. Apart from the earlier ZDoom support, it now has ZDoom sector flag buttons and 'quick access buttons' as well as several other improvements and fixes. A full changelog is available at the site. The shareware version has been mirrored as usual.

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    I think the best new feature of this program is that the sector flags are right there for easy access, not just the linedef flags. It's too bad there aren't any more neat new features. Heh heh, they're probably putting them off until the next version when we have to PAY for the upgrade!! Arrggghhh!! :-b

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    I really wish the DeeP team would support more types of credit cards for ordering, I really want a newer version (I'm still on 9.3), but I only have Switch/Solo, so I can't get one :(

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    Guest Anonymous User


    If you don't have Visa, MC or Amex, check with www.BTsoftware.com (in Nederland) and ask them to email us for an order (contact: Karin Theelen). If there is enough interest, maybe we can set up a long term arrangement with them? There's quite a bit of work that went into making the OPT configurations more flexible. For example, the OPT file HEXEN flexibility lets you assign default "arg" values and you can work with both a regular DOOM IWAD or a converted (to Hexen format) IWAD. That can come in pretty handy! The next three things on our to-do list are: CPU2000 (a new benchmark utility that's almost done), a DOOM->HEXEN/ZDOOM converter and adding ZDOOM support to DEACC. The HEXEN convertor was done a long time ago - just need to add ZDOOM specials. ALL of these will be available for no charge as separate downloads (thus automatically updating these features). We're always interested in any ideas. If they're easy we do them right away! Many of the additions come from user requests - in fact the way the bottom buttons work was from a request - that at first I disagreed with:) Thanks to everyone who has supported us.

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