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    Demo Speedpacks


    Martin Schultz sends word that two new demo packs have been released at the Doom Speedrunners Forum. The first pack contains max and -fast demos for t_dunn02, and the second pack contains max and speed demos for the slayer megawad.

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    Isn't it?

    I'd say the speedurn of map06 comes second, running around with chaingunners and mancubs around you with 4% health, and living through it? Nice :)

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    Yeah... all of it is very high quality. But nothing beats sl10-021. I just sat and stared at the screen at least 2 minutes after he (Adam H?) exited.

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    thanks a lot for the slayer demo pack. i already had virgil's pack, but this one is absolutey impressive. i liked slayer (and other wads by richard) so much i wanted to make my own demos, but... i suck at recording :)

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