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    Demos On Vacation


    Adam Hegyi is on his way for a much deserved couple weeks of vacation. Did he forget about us? Of course not. COMPET-N has been updated with the usual (understand incredible) amount of demos. Here are some names just to tease you a bit: Plutonia Experiment, TNT Evilution, Hell Revealed, Memento Mori 2 and nothing less than Requiem got revisited for your viewing pleasure. What are you waiting for? Get some pop-corn, a bottle of diet coke (to feel less guilty) and grab the zip file.

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    I justed finished Radek Peckas NM doom2 run. I had a egg, cheese, sausage and bagel sandwich, several cigarettes, and half a Green tea with gensing and plum juice um tea.

    btw, nice run Radek

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    I kept it simple: a mug of tea, a piece of rhubarb tart and a few slices of buttered walnut coussin. My supplies ran out around map10 though.

    Oh yeah, nice run. Good text file accompanying it too - you really got an impression of Radek's epic struggle to nail this run. He should have suggested appropriate food and drink to accompany it though. I recall that Sedlo suggested "a few beers" to accompany his 30nm1849 TAS run.

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