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    Desperate Edge of Chaos


    The Hexen: Edge of Chaos team updated their website with a desperate plea for new level designers to join their ranks. Apparently they've had a problem getting the ones they had to stick around and actually do what they promised. You can read more about their predicament over at their website.

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    kristus said:

    It's not difficult.

    it's only difficult for those who never had grasp with 3D editing (like me)

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    It's indeed not difficult... to make crappy looking maps. But I guess they want talented mappers :P

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    See I knew this is what the delayed update to the webpage was about. They had hoped that by making noise they could attract people to work on the project.

    Unfortunately at this point, it is starting to seem that EoC is just another hyped up project that is going nowhere fast. The shame is, this one has had a lot of extremely talented people pump their time and energy into already, so when it never gets released, it's going to be something of a tragedy.

    They should have just been honest from the start, showed us what is finished, showed us how much is yet to be done, and ask for help back a few months ago. What they did instead was try to raise hype, and at that I must say they failed pretty miserably, seeing how the people interested in playing the project were left checking their site over and over for the promised updates which have still not materialized.

    I'd call it unprofessional, but that is unfortunately what the professionals do these days too.

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    Edge of Chaos site said:

    Mapping has always been a pivotal part of our project, but unfortunately also the most difficult one.

    Is mapping seriously harder than making 3d models for enemies/weapons and such? I know that's probably a dumb question, but I always assumed that maps were the easy part to be saved for last. Looks like they made the same mistake.

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    I made some small maps for Valve's Hammer (made some cheap half-life levels). Isn't really that hard to create levels in 3D, but it does depend on the editor. That is, don't get one that sucks.

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