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    Do The ZanZan


    The ZanZan TC Page has been updated with a 4-page comic strip giving some of the backstory to the upcoming ZDoomGL TC filled with crazy monsters. Great artwork too!

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    It's good that the first message was deleted, but now Mattrim looks as if he talk about ZanZan... maybe change the removed message with something like '[this message has been removed]' or stuff like this...

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    Guest Mattrim.


    My comment from Thursday Apr 27 11:48:36 2000 was directed towards the now-deleted first comment. The ZanZan comic strip is quite good.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    I´m confused, is the ZanZan TC sorta like Dungeon Keeper meets Doom meets some mystic Alien story? It sounds cool, let´s just hope it lives up to it´s name :) By the by the comic strip looks really good, is it handdrawn and then scanned or some kind of computer Art programm?

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Artwork was done with Photoshop 5.0 and a Wacom tablet. I know it because I saw him make the comic. C Bordeu

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