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    Doom 3 1.1 Available


    The first official patch for Doom 3 has been released. This is the finalized version of the beta 1.05 patch that was released on fileshack a few weeks back, so if you have that installed already, don't expect too many changes from it, but do expect most of the servers to update to this release instead of some wacky combination of a lot of 1.0 servers and a handful of 1.05 beta servers.

    We can hope that the SDK is really not far behind now, I guess.

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    Some important notes for those who are going to update:


    - It is recommended that any user modifications that have been installed to the Doom3 directory be removed before installing this update. These modifications are not supported by Activision and may not be compatible with some of the new features that are included.


    - Using this update will reset your progress in whatever map you are currently saved in. When loading a saved game, the player starts at the begining of that map with their inventory intact.

    - Using this update will reset the Nightmare skill setting. If you are playing in Nightmare mode before applying the 1.1 update, you will need to re-enable it in the console (g_nightmare 1)

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