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    Doom 3 Cleans Up


    Did anyone really expect otherwise? The aftermath of last month's Electronic Entertainment Expo has produced another slew of kudos for id Software's latest game. The Game Critics Awards presented Doom III with no fewer than five awards, including the coveted "Best of Show."

    Judged by a slew of print and web journalists who specialize in the game industry, the Game Critics Awards have become probably the premiere awards that judge the latest and greatest games on display at each year's E3. This year, the sheer number of categories that Doom 3 won for is surprising, but not wholly unexpected.

    Despite some tough competition, especially from Nintendo's Gamecube lineup, Doom III managed to sneak out with the Best of Show commendation from the group, for its groundbreaking graphics and frighteningly realistic atmosphere. Here's a quote from the website, explaining the rationale behind the choice:

    With a franchise as powerful as that bearing the name Doom, gamers demand that each iteration represents "the next big thing." Watching programming legend John Carmack manipulate the lone marine through the claustrophobic corridors, it was easy to get caught up in the revolutionary steps embodied by the technology on display. And all of that would do an injustice to the entrancing glimpses of terrifying gameplay, mixing hellish monsters with expert manipulation of the new technology. The buzz generated by this early show made Doom III the indisputable "must see" of E3 2002, and rightly deserves the recognition of Game of Show.

    Besides being picked as Best of Show, Doom III also picked up the awards for Best PC Game, Best Action Game, as well as a Special Commendation for Sound and a Special Commendation for Graphics.

    To check out what that critics had to say about Doom III in the rest of the categories, you can hop over to the winners page to see for yourself.

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    This is brilliant news, I often take pre-release hype with just a little pinch of salt but I'm allowing a little excitement now. Who knows, maybe Doom3 will totally supersede Doom in all areas and this site reflects that 10 years from now?

    I can't wait.

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    the game will play well. I am worried about the comment:

    "Watching programming legend John Carmack manipulate the lone marine through the claustrophobic corridors"

    will it be more of the same, lone marine, small enviroment?

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