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    Doom Chronicles Screenshots


    Doom Chronicles, a mod for Doom 3, has put up a whack of new screenshots. Also, they are looking for help, so follow the link for details if you are interested.

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    Those screens sure look like they've over-saturated the lights or something. I'm a fan of strongly-colored lighting (like the old days, heh), but those looked like they needed a lot of work. Other than that, it looks kind of interesting otherwise.

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    I think it's using bloom, which is available in the d3 engine (either natively or it was added to the mod).

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    A few boxes here, a few computer screens there... the levels in those pictures don't resemble anything.

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    The screenshots do, infact, show bloom. For those of you that do not like bloom, however, do not worry. You can choose both to customize how the bloom effect looks, or turn it off completely, via options. Also, I must note that the bloom shown in the screenshots is NOT the "default" setting. Since you can customize the look, I always add a bit more blur to it when I play, to give it more of that "cinematic" feel ;). So, as I mentioned, don't let the bloom decipher whether or not you will play the mod, as it is 100% user controled.

    Kristus said:
    "Well, if you're gonna go by the demo they got out really, their maps is 90% hallways."

    Mad design wise, the first chapter of the mod will be in a very similar setting to that of vanilla D3. For those of you who have been following the mod, you know that the first chapter takes place in a top secret military facility on Mars. Like "Mars City", the base has been overrun by demons, and left in ruins. So, most of this first chapter will be based in dark, metalic setting. It will look very similar to D3, like I mentioned, but obviously will play very differently. Chapter 2-4, however, will be very different. I don't want to give too much of the story line away, so I won't say too much... However, expect to see very large outdoor areas with a "free form" exploration system that will allow you to freely explore the world, and complete the chapters in a much more "open ended" style. For us, Chapter One acts as the bridge between Doom3 vanila, and Doom Chronicles. Gradually introducing you to our new game play mechanics, and slowly fading from the "typical" doom 3 enviroment to areas very different to the "d3 universe".

    Also, note, that the level released with the Demo is very different in the "final" version. It is longer, and has more areas to explore.

    Thanks for the feedback :). Whether positive, or negative, is always highly appreciated. We're working as hard as we can to bring to you the most exciting D3 mod possible, and think that you'll all enjoy the final product :D! (Unless, of course, your a member of another mod team, and seem to think that the community is here to compete with each other, rather than work together :S.)

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    Texas Libra said:

    Please pardon my ignorance, but what's "bloom" in this case?

    I think it's a graphical effect like lens flare, but less caused by the player facing bright light sources at an angle and more caused by sudden flashes and movement. Anyone else is free to correct me if I'm off.

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    TheDarkArchon said:

    Wasn't "Doom Chronicles" the name of one of Gooberman's mods?

    Hmmm....No disrespect to "Gooberman", but I'm not quite sure who he is :S. I chose the name "Doom Chronicles" because I thought it suited the mod well, since it is broken up into 4 Chapters (The first Chapter is name: No Escape). Another name we considered was: The Chronicles of Doom. Not much different, but we felt that "Doom Chronicles" sounded much cooler. So, in other words, as far as we know, this name is unique to our mod. If anyone else has used this, it is purely coincidental.

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    Cody64 said:

    Another name we considered was: The Chronicles of Doom. Not much different, but we felt that "Doom Chronicles" sounded much cooler.

    Not to mention more grammatically acceptable ;)

    KwadDamyj: Thanks for explaing.

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    Bloom tends to be more of an effect that causes light to 'bleed' over surfaces in front of it. i.e. You gun is in front of a bright light source; the light would partially spill over the edges of the gun, as opposed to a sharp division. It also tends to give light an uber bright and saturated look.

    In my opinion, bloom is a great tech when applied in measure to the right games.
    Doom is not one of them.
    Bloom tends to make things a bit more bright, shiny, and light looking... not aspects that lend well to doom3 imo... but hey! as long as I have the option to turn it off, I say go for it.

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