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    Doom Depot 64


    Elbryan42's Doom Depot, which file server is unfortunatly down for the time being, has been redesigned once more, "with Doom 64 in mind".

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    Anyways ya'll, seein how Julian's post is so "obscure" and doesn't say SQUAT basically, let me clarify things a little......

    Elbryan42 recently redesigned his site using only hi-res doom64 graphics. His server has been down for da last 2 days because he is appranetly upgrading and maintaining it. It should be back up sometime dis weekend! Feel free to visit da Doom Depot Forums as well, and give yo opinions on da new "Doom 64 style" look of da site.

    Elbryan is still ripping da Doom64 graphics, and they WILL be eventually ALL BE POSTED on his site... but they will not be posted for now, due to a doom64 project, which we is workin on. Progress on da sprites can be seen under the Doom64 TC section of da site. Kaiser is also ripping the textures, which may also be posted on da site eventually.

    Da doom64 sounds have also been taken down, but my old sounds wad is still up. The reason for dis, is once again, we are workin on a doom64 project. And da sounds he took down were the newer, clearer sounding ones, da old ones don't sound as good and have been released for quite some time now. The Doom64 music, however, will still be up.

    Everything else should be back up dis weekend! Da toons were also taken down because he does not have enough space to continue hostin them shits! If you wish to mirror stuff, check for details on the doom depot itself on how you can help and contribute, under REQUESTS: TOON MIRRORS NEEDED!. Everyone will still be able to upload and download things once dis is done, just like they normally used to.

    Doom Depot - http://depot.wrong.button.com

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    Great stuff.I've been using your Doom64 sounds & sprites wad (V1.3), as a change, on 'n' off for a while now.They're a nice contrast.It'll be great to have access to the graphics.Keep up the good work!

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    Actually, I really enjoyed Doom 64, I thought it was a new experience and it sort of brought back some of the environments PSX Doom. However, I loved the sounds in both games since the PSX Doom and Doom 64 used the same sounds. It's a cool addition to the original Doom.

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    UPDATE: The server will be up within a day. Faulty power supply. Thanks to everyone in the Doomworld Forums for helping me find the problem. :)

    And to Esco: Nice to see someone's holding down the fort for the day my computer was laying around in pieces around my room (I miss those days. ;) ).

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    DAMN! VERY BAD NEWS. The squealing is thankfully gone, but my pc shut off by itself for about 10 minutes this morning. Guess the power supply was only part of the problem. Unfortunately I'm incredibly strapped for cash right now and can't fix it.

    Having my computer shut itself off intermittently doesn't make an FTP that reliable. So unfortunately I have to take the FTP down until further notice. Could be back up in a month at the earliest. If not then, up to 6 months (or more) later. :(

    I will be using my parent's computer for my PC stuff. That means, yes, the Doom 64 project will continue. I will probably set up an FTP for trading files and sending stuff when I'm online, but the Doom FTP will not be up. My parents are being nice allowing me to use their computer, I don't want to ask too much and leave their PC on all the time.

    I'm terribly sorry about this. I know it came rather sudden. Too sudden for me. :(

    I hope things work out in the next month so I can fix my PC.

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    Yo Elbryan, do ya know what da problem is wit yo computer? Are you sure dat somethin ain't just loose, or dat da socket you gots yo computer plugged into ain't fux0red?

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    Double checked everything.

    My guess is when the flaky power supply was in there it fried something. :(

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