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    Doom DM Resource Updated


    The Doom Deathmatch Resource has been updated with some commentary on all this csDoom stuff (better left alone in my opinion). Also, they talk about the new features of the new version, and there's a new poll as well.

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    I applaud Mtawney for a rational argument without blaming people without warrant.

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    Guest Tawney


    Thanks for the kind words, but it's hard to leave alone for some good reasons:<P> 1) Myst STILL has that page taken over. Either Fly needs to get a new channel with better set up bots, or Myst needs to give that channel back. I think he's already proved his point

    2) Fly and Nightfang have split up. NF was helping him out until the backdoor incident. What I'm afraid of is a community split because of this. While if I had to choose I'd probably take Nightfang's port, two heads ARE better than one, right?

    Personally I think these issues should be settled.

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    We've seen similar fights for years now, the doom community has always been fickle and I reckon it will heal again. There is no chance of tom giving back the channel, hes simply not like that.

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    You know, there will very shortly be another port with client server support that a lot of people seem to be forgetting about... <coughs SKULL TAG coughs>

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