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    Doom For A Dream


    Source code of DoomDC, a DOOM source port for Dreamcast, has been released. It sounds like a good occasion for source port coders to bring their own work to a new platform.

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    Aghh, good, I am glad to see a few of you have interest in this, and actually still own Dreamcasts, let alone happen to be into the Dev sceen as well! :)

    I have been excited about this project since CRT0 started it way back when, infact I am the moderator on the DC FPS section in the dcemulation forums.


    The project has been taken over by Grendal, and I guess he has has a lot of interesting finds with it, though the only update he has done (for a long time) has been a mild speed increase, better display, and the ability to select weapons.

    He posted some screen shots of 3 or 4 sessions of DCDOOM running on one Dreamcast at the same time, but I am not shure what ever became of that, or the OS he was desiging the run them like that in the first place, I do know that CRT0 has been able to get Mesa modes on the dreamcast, and has managed to port many OpenGL demos to the DC, but I do not know how possible it would be to get DCDOOM running in GL iteself.

    What it really could use at this time though is the ability to save to the Dreamcast's VMU, and the option to change the controls, or to even be able to use the keyboard and mouse. As for some features that would make this even better, would of course be the GL displays, BOOM support, DeHacked support, Network support, and the ability to free look, but as for now I'd be happy with a control fix, and the VMU support, if anyone is interested in working with this source, or programming for the Dreamcast please head on over to the pages UDRalphis mentioned above, or get in touch with me @ hellokitty_77@hotmail.com, I can put you in touch with some people if you need any help, I know there are many helpful people in the sceen right now, not to mention IRC channels, forums, and web pages designed to get you started. As for DC compatability, all DC's work, though once in a while you will find one that will not play CD'Rs for some reason or another, or else they will only work with certain brands, but I have only ran across two systems that gave me troubles so far, and I burn CD's for a lot of people I know so...

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    sorry for the mistakes:I'm a french fan of DOOM.
    I want to know if a DOOM game was on a dreamcast!!

    in france I haven't seen this game on dreamcast!

    could you tell me if DOOM was on dreamcast?

    thanks a lot.



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    imps54 said:

    I'm a french fan of DOOM.

    Tu n'es pas le seul fran├žais ici ;)
    Toujours un plaisir d'en voir un nouveau dans le coin :)

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    Actually you will need to do more than download it and burn and ISO as the ISO only provides you with the Demo version of DOOM for legal reasons (that's why FreeDOOM needs completed!!). What you are going to need to do is learn how to burn Dreamcast CD's (it is easy and there are many tools written just for this) because you will have to download the exacutable, then manually add your own DOOM WAD files to the CD as well. If you are interested head over to the Dreamcast DOOM forums over at:


    We can help you from there, peace!

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    Tu n'es pas le seul fran├žais ici ;)
    Toujours un plaisir d'en voir un nouveau dans le coin :)

    You are not the only (French speaker) here... yeah, that translates well... but... Always a pleasure to see a newbie in the quack?

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