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    Doom for Digital Camera


    Just when you are used to the idea of running Doom on Palmtops, here's another mindboggling port: Doom on a Kodak digital camera. At this site you can get binaries and source for running Doom on a Kodak DC290 (823 processor). Versions for the Minolta Dimage 1500 EX and HP C500 Photosmart (DCAM Processor), HP C618 & C912 Photosmart and PENTAX EI-200 & EI-2000 (Coldfire Processor) are scheduled for release "soon". What's that you say... you don't believe me..? Then take a look at this! Thanks Travis Fahs for the story.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    can u take screenshots on that? :P

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    What about csDoom? While I'm snapping pictures in Hawaii, or wherever I am, can I pop into and play a 6-way deathmatch on my digital camera in GothicDM2 Map01? Can I record .LMPs for COMPET-N? Can I load DeePsea on that thing? If QDoom comes out while I'm gone, can I download EDGE and load up QDoom? I've got to get one of those cameras. :-b

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Just press the shutter button and it saves a PCX file on the cf card.

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