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    Doom For Dreamcast


    This week saw the release of a new Doom port to the Dreamcast system. This console port is apparently burned to a CD, which is used to boot a Dreamcast, and after which you can insert a Doom IWAD CD in order to play. Thanks to all you people (and Blue's) who pointed this out.

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    hm this looks pretty cool, but not as customiseable as using a linux doom port in conjunction with the dclinux port.

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    Guest Oniko


    Yeah, I tried that once. Not intentionally, though: I accidentally burned some Doom 2 data onto my Phantasy Star Online disk instead of a regular CD-RW... the game wasn't hurt, but for some odd reason my character's always wearing green armor and his Gae Bolg sword has been transformed into a chainsaw...

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    Oniko, there's already the chainsawd in PSO and the savage wolves sound like imps when dying(dsbgdth2).

    Shut it Liam.

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    Guest Siddius


    I've played the DoomDC port, its going really good so far (no button has been mapped for change weapon yet though :( )
    As far as using DcLinux along with a Linux Doom port. A). DcLinux is a 100mb+ download, thats too much trouble just to play Doom (Though if any game were worth the trouble Doom is it) B). DcLinux would probably use too many system resources and the game would run slow. C). The Linux Doom port would still have to be ported for use with the SH-4 cpu. Its a good idea though, and if I'm not mistaken DcLinux did come with a working shareware copy of Linux Doom but it ran way too slow...

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