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    Doom From the Console Not On the Console. Yeah.


    Kaiser informed me of this new project he's working on which essentially takes any of the maps from PS and/or Jaguar Doom that aren't like their original counterparts, or which aren't even in the original games, and, uh, allowes you to play them on your magic com-pu-tar. Also if you don't know what the Jaguar is... it's probably better that way.

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    has Kaiser/Deathman.

    If you'r interested, I could send you the "fire sky" from PSX doom. It's a still (ofcorse) but is to scale, and err, blends right (I hope that makes sence).

    PS. You maps rocketh. :)

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    Anybody interested in a level made by one of the Jaguar guys?

    It's a level of the Atari office building. Has a little promo for the Jaguar in it. I was helping him with some editing stuff, that's why I have it. Don't know if he ever posted it, maybe he did.

    Anybody know if this was posted anywhere?

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    I'll probably wait for Kaiser's full package.

    deep: Never heard of the map. Sound good tho'. Gimme, gimme, gimme. :)

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    I sent Kaiser a copy of the 2 levels that accurately represent 2 floors of the Atari office building. Check his site for further info on how he's going to post.

    Levels have some new graphics and sounds (Jaguar Logo and of course Jaguar sounds).

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    What? Best if they don't know what a Jaguar is? Being not only an Atari fan, but also a Jaguar fan specifically, I resent that! They still make games for it, for crying out loud!

    As for the levels...be glad when this is released. I kind of liked Club Doom.

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