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    Doom Goes Super-Sonic


    If you thought that the Doom engine could only be used for FPS games, you were wrong. Ralph Vickers sent along the news that a new version of the fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic Robo Blast 2, has been released and is available for download. In this Doom Legacy-engined total conversion, you play as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles, running through huge 3D maps, collecting rings and bouncing on enemies; in this latest version, there are new OpenGL features and joinable internet games.

    Running on the new Doom Legacy v1.32, Sonic Robo Blast 2 v4.32 includes quite a bit of new stuff, not the least of which is the following (from the webpage):

    No more crashing in hi-res mode!
    Better netplay - including the ability to search for games!
    Lots of additions for level designers, including better handling of missing textures.
    OpenGL mode (See the readme on how to activate it)!

    You can check out their downloads page to grab the latest version, however, you will need the v4.1 demo as the latest version is only available as a patch.

    If you've never heard of SRB2 before, here's a list of features (ripped from the webpage once again):

    Beautiful 3D Enviroment, with free movement in all directions.
    Multiple choice of characters, including Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (and a few other secret characters), each with different moves, weaknesses and advantages.
    Customizable - includes the ability to create your own levels, characters, level music and sounds and, with knowledge of programming, even a whole new game.
    Multiplayer fun, network play and even Internet play, which will feature both real-time online gaming and an online cheat-proof Time Attack ranking system.
    Hidden levels and goodies to find using a grading system.
    Original Soundtrack produced by some of the best Sonic music artists on the Internet. (Including a special CD version)
    Over 30 levels to play, featuring a variety of locations, from green meadows, to deep underwater ruins, mines, mountains and space stations.
    Multiple routes to choose from.
    And much, much more!

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    Ack, 4.32 isn't really an 'official' release, it's more of a test before 4.5. Didn't really want to publicize till then, but oh well. The Doom community tends to be more technically inclined than the Sonic one. ;)

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    I hate to admit it, but... I used to love the old Sega Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog. This kind of looks almost exactly like it. We'll see what happens when two good games are put together, it seems like it will be really cool.

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    There's nothing wrong with Sonic games, I used to love playing them on my old megadrive when I was younger. (they even influenced one of my maps.....) Should be interesting to see what one classic game can do to another.

    By the way, does anyone have an idea of when the full game (Legacy version) will be released?

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    >By the way, does anyone have an idea of when the full game (Legacy version) will be released?<

    "When it's done", heh.

    Hopefully early next year, but who knows. Might think of a bunch of cool stuff to add. :)

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    Downloaded. Tried it.


    The camera & controls just need some fixing + there are some bugs with the 3D floors...

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    I wonder if this engine will ever evolve to the point where such classic Sonic things as loop the loops and flooding are possible... :)

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