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    Doom Legacy v1.29 For DOS


    The fifth Win32 'pre-release' of Doom Legacy is now also available in yummie DOS flavor. O yeah baby!

    This version has all the new features of the Windows version (without OpenGL of course). So now, you're also able to use Open Entry and connect to DooM Legacy servers even if they use the Windows version.

    We've got it mirrored at our source port section as usual. A Linux version is expected as well.

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    Has anyone noticed that the v1.29 gllegacy release runs many many times slower than the previous version? on my celeron 400 64mb voodoo2 system it constantly thrashes my hdd, but quake3 arena and unreal run perfectly, would fab and boris care to explain how bloated the crap opengl version is?.

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    wtf is wrong with my voodoo2, gl legacy doesn't run in 3dfx glide mode, and in open gl mode it's slow like crap... the dos version rules anyway. would be cool if they add the start/join game option to the in-game menu, like in quake.

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    upgrade to the latest drivers with glsetup that comes with q3 arena test to run gl legacy with voodoo2's. or just get glsetup and run it on it's own to upgrade you can get glsetup from ftp.cdrom.com in the q3 section. and upgrade to doom1/2 v 1.9. also that can help a lot.

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