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    Doom Nation Stuff


    • Team Insanity has posted the results of their first demo competition, with GeminI beating Jägermörder in the fastest time with a 4:10, the next-closest .LMP coming in at 4:24.
    • The OpenGL Doom Legacy homepage has an update about the availability of new Mesa drivers meaning that glLegacy should run better under Linux now. Also, the "splat code" for wall decals is being worked on, and support for MD2 and MD3 models should be forthcoming.
    • Doom Millennium has an update about the suckage of WadAuthor which apparently screwed the pooch on one of the larger levels in the partial-conversion megawad.

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    I must agree that Wadauthor sucks, sure it has a great interface and is very easy to learn but it easily screws any level up...:-(

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    Well, I use WadAuthor a lot because it does what I need it to do. The one thing I've found is that you should always have a backup copy (but you do that anyway if you're smart, and WA does this for you to some extent) and its node builder is not incredibly smart. Use an external one.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I love wadauthor. its one of my favorite editors of all time. the only thing i don't like about it is it is a sector based editor, so usually i use waded for level editing and then wadauthor for everything else. great combo! as for screwing everything up...Well, I make backup copies, so hen wadauthor does screw up, it does nothing!:)

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    You edit like I do. I swear by WadEd as my 1st level contsruction. I'm a line-based designer myself, I can't stand sector-based construction. Maybe we can drum up some support for this method and get WadEd's source released or get an editor with it's intuitive construction techniques.

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