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    Doom Nation Stuff


    • Progress on Destruction is still OK, considering the author's personal circumstances. Best wishes, dude.
    • Doom Millenium is, as you know, a wee bit delayed. But according to the latest update we can expect it in the next 2-3 weeks. Aren't you looking forward to this?
    • The Eternity TC however has been "indefinitely delayed", the reasons being unresponsive team members and being "deadlocked waiting for a stable version of SMMU".

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    I always joked that Eternity was Eternity's release date, but I didn't think it would happen.

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    Guest Mad Cow Disease


    Does this mean Fraggle's about to get flamed?

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    Guest Qayin


    This matter reminds me that Doomworld needs a major clean up. The Iron Fist, Mockery, Neo-Doom, Ninja Doom and Project Doom will never get finished.Plus, I suggest that released projects to be put on a single "download" page (ex: Batman Doom). There are so many pages that haven't been updated in a long while! (Doom4Win, Doomserv and Doom Underground to name a few). Bah, just a thought! Have a nice day everyone!

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    No it means Quasar thinks Fraggle is working for him. Whoopie he's left #doomroom about time. And there's no reason to delete Batman Doom... the idea of the site is to archive it's release. What do you know about Ninja Doom? Have you even seen a beta? Who says the levels aren't even 95% completed?

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