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    Doom Nation Stuff


    • Moe's Cool Doom Page has a rare update saying that he hopes to hve his latest WAD "Phlegethon" released by Y2K, but there are no promises. He also looks back on the long history of Doom and talks a little bit about TeamTNT and Doom2000.
    • SailorScout updated his Gaming Center with an updated version of his first Doom WAD, UAC_CNTR, that improves upon the original with bug fixes and things like that.
    • Afterglow has uploaded a new webpage design for SacrificeDM, including info on all the maps as well as the usual screenshots. He's also posted 2 new shots of the SMMU start map he's creating.

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    You really need to get that A key fixed, Ling...

    "The DOOMed Millennium has been updted with..."

    "Moe's Cool Doom Page has a rare update saying that he hopes to hve his..." :)

    - [b]PuPz

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    Guest Wildman


    Moe mentioned my crazy computer. Indeed it did go insane (and just about gave me a heart attack to boot; when you see sparks and flames and smoke coming out of your case it does cause a moment of reflection), but I have it back up now and I am back online. I'm trying to get back up to speed on the happenings and maybe I'll even finish Wildpack 2 now. :)

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