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    Doom Radio Program B Episode 18 - MIDI, Multiplay, Limitation Projects


    Thought Doom Radio was dead forever, eh? Not so! This week heralds the return of the Doom Radio Program B podcast, and in this episode, forum regulars Alfonzo and Tarnsman, along with TheMionicDonut, tackle the hard-hitting issues surrounding Music Composition, the Multplayer Community (and its apparent insularity), and the gamut of Limitation Projects and their worth in terms of level design and how well they are received in the community at large. Saddle up, friends, and set aside 47 minutes to listen!

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    I think the insularity goes both ways. For all of the people that map for 32in24 and other map sets, when do they ever show up to play? Usually only on the night of first test and release. I can almost count on one hand the Doomworld players that regularly show up on ANY multiplayer servers compared to how many map for projects. Imagine if everyone that mapped in projects like 32in24 actually showed up and played their wads with semi-regularity and in numbers. The maps would become highly played and they'd probably become standards over the years.

    In my opinion, every map in the UDM series isn't exactly a gem. Yet, they remain some of the most popular FFA wads of all time. So why is it? Ok, well some of the maps are pretty decent and the atmosphere is fun but ultimately, UD played the shit out of them on public servers after release and a lot of people would flock into the full servers and play them. The mappers played. The players say "ok, these guys actually play these maps so they must be fun". They end up playing it enough that they become used to it and want to play it, just like any other map or wad.

    It goes both ways. When I announce open Odamex events in #doomtwid, either a simple casual tournament, Odamex Nitro, whatever, I'm lucky to see 1 person from the channel of 40+ join the server (and it's usually TMD who has already played for years). It goes both ways. You get rid of insularity by just playing the game, not talking about it!

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