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    Doom Reviewed


    IGN pocket features a review of GBA DOOM.

    the version created for play on the Game Boy Advance by Activision and David A. Palmer Productions is arguably better than some of the other ports created for systems such as the Atari Jaguar and the Sega 32X. Even better, the game that's nearly a decade old holds up extremely well as on the portable, and sets a standard of what's possible, at least in a technical sense, for first person shooters on the system.
    Remember you can win the cartridge and a Game Boy Advance to plug it in: check our contest page for details.

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    Guest Mizzory


    there should be 2-4 player co-op like there is for deathmatch.

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    I just realised I got one of the pics for the contest wrong. Oh well. Is it possible for my younger brother to enter?

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    Just played Doom GBA and it's fantastic!
    Apart from the crappy font and green blood but still the game's as good as it always was. Buy it! Even the music came out good.
    Not tested link-up yet but that'll be next.
    Here's looking forward to Hexen 'n Heretic et al...

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    Guest mikeo007


    The 24 levels are exact copys of the ones on PC, but I think there was 27 levels on PC. I never had the original Doom, but I know there were secret levels, and I found the one in the first episode on GBA, so that's at least 25 levels, where are the other secret levels? Oh, and there are I think 4 or 8 brand new deathmatch maps in the GBA version.

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    GBA Doom is Jaguar Doom.

    It utilises the source code of JagDoom.

    It has the same levels as JagDoom (check the DooM FAQ by Hank Leukhart for the level count).

    To summarise: JagDoom is 24 levels of the original DooM; comprising of the "best" levels picked from Episodes 1-3, and one secret level.

    For the record, there are 27 levels in the original DooM. 8 normal levels + 1 secret level in every episode.

    Sigh. Now Im thinking I've got something wrong in above statement. Nevermind, I'll figure it out later.

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