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    Doom Statistics 101


    The infamous fisheye enthusiast Aardappel has posted a short program that analyzes the frequency of certain attributes of Doom maps, with some sample output from a few of the most popular megawads ever created for Doom and Doom 2. Both the source code to the program and the sample data gathered are available from here.

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    Guest BlackTerror


    Doesn't seem to compile in C... Could I get a compiled program?

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    sorry to say, but if you don't know how to compile that program, you also won't know how to gather the stats out of its output (as that program is not enough to produce the stats on that page). It's a very simple program, which should compile using any C compiler (hint: might need c++ mode).

    And btw, what is up with the "news item shuffle" on doomworld? I assumed this item hadn't been posted, because I saw "newstuff chronicles" which I had already read. Yet somehow new newsitems appear AFTER old ones???

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    Guest Fanatic


    Pretty cool reading. Funny how many single sided-passable lines there were. :)

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    Thats probably due to the fact that WadAuthor does not automatically set 1 sided lines as impassible.

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