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    Doom Textures Freed


    The Freedoom project, aiming at offering totally free iwad files in replacement of the original ones from id software, has been pretty quiet lately, but not dead apparently. Fraggle just let us know that, after a drawing rush lead by Espi and Fredrik, the texture sets for both DOOM and DOOM 2 have been completed. Worth the download don't you think?

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    Jeez, I almost never noticed this news. Im just glad to see the project is still alive and kicking.

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    I want to thank all who contributed to FreeDoom for this incredible accomplishment!

    Right now I'm working on an assignment for school: to build a simple 3D engine. I've used several FreeDoom sprites in this assignment. Including some monster sprites. It looks really good. So, thanks! :)

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    I want to add that, whoever's being inconsiderate enough to leech away at the freedoom downloads not only at a considerable speed already in a single download thread LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, but instead insist on hogging even more of my available bandwidth by opening 4 download threads, I will personally track all of you down and castrate you. Thanks.

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