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    DoomDC Interview


    wraggster of DCVision sent us the news that he has conducted an interview with Crt0, a joint creator of DoomDC, which as might be expected, is a Doom port to the Sega Dreamcast system. The interview does go off on a bit of a tangent towards the end, but there's some neat information on the guy behind the DC Doom port if you're interested.

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    Guest LostShrapnel


    What, none of you own a dreamcast? Man, I feel sorry for y'all. 'twas a great lil' console while it was around. Glad to see it'll have the chance to live on.

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    Yeah, the Dreamcast has some great stuff. It seems under-rated, like the Sega Saturn was, which also had great stuff(panzer dragons? "D"?). Anyone remember Rocket-Knight Adventures? Just watching my friend play that game made me all hopped-up on adrenaline and stuff. Those where the days.

    Has anyone tried Half-Life for DC yet? Or is it out?

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    i'm gettin a dreamcast in about 3-4 weeks with 30 games or so..bought it from some guy in canada, 65 bucks plus 2 ps2 games... finally gettin 'marvel vs capcom 2'...

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