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    Doomed For Eternity


    Please welcome the newest addition to our Doomworld family: Eternity! In this partial convesion for Doom 2, you again take the role of the Doom marine, called upon to save humankind\'s past from the omnipresent demons. Besides new levels and enemies, however, Eternity will feature a new SMMU-based engine with TerrainTypes, NPC Dialog / Event / Cinematics system, extended FraggleScript functionality, global colormap capability, global thunder/lightning effect, falling damage, numerous new mobj flags for things like pushability, reflectivity, invulnerability, and low gravity, stuff for DeHackEd users including at least 50 new codepointers and a HELPER bex block for specifying the type of the helper thing (vs just dogs), and more (gasp for breath). Check it out!

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    Guest Hollywood


    I definitely like the enemies. The new Spider Mastermind is extremely kewl! And using characters from Heretic and Hexen is a very nice idea. I've been waiting for someone to do something like that! :-) I just hope the levels are as good! Screenshots can only reveal so much, after all!

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    The only actual carry-over as a character is Minotaurus - he's supposed to be an actual Maulotaur from the heretic/hexen universe :) The clerics use the sprite, yes, but they are not the same character(s), and don't use the same attacks or behaviours. Just thought I'd mention that.

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