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    Doomed Play-off Season


    If you like Doom and multi-player, you might want to check out what's going on at the IDL (International Doom League), a seasonal CTF competition taking place in North America, featuring various teams of well-seasoned players from the Doom multi-player scene.

    The play-offs have started this week (games being played mostly during the weekend), so the games are getting really intense. You can check the list of games played and the games to be played on the main site, as well as some demos of the games (previous or new) on the Doomed Earth forums, plus stats, commentaries, and predictions by the IDL members.

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    Been a great IDL season with some very strong teams and awesome matches! There are some very high-quality demos showcasing a high level of gameplay in the IDL. Kind of makes me sad that the season is almost over.

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    It's good times. This season has flown by pretty quickly, but that's quite alright; the fourth season will be coming up soon, and I'm mad pumped about it.

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    This IDL season has surpassed the two previous in every category, from competition to sportsmanship to the number of players signing up and participating. And it's only bound to grow, increasing the potential of players, the teams, and even the league itself! It's really awesome.

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