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    Doomer's Recess


    The Doomer's Recess has updated with a new review of 'Fallen' and, euh, some miscellaneous ramblings.

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    They would look like a lot of things put together (you know: elephant's legs, horse's trunk, lizard's tail, gorilla's neck, sqirrel's head, and crow's eyes), unless you get yerself a magic wand to make all the designers work in harmony. Anyway, Chris, you could have mentioned at least 1 good wad designer (Ola is, but you said textures). Imagine if some really bad designer worked with that combo ('twould still suck). Maybe you should wait for doom3 and see (you could be pointing that way). Hey, MBF, csDoom! (well, he said "here's a thought...", don't blame me :-!)

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    I admit I couldn't see the wad cause the link leads to a "not found" message, but I believe you it must be bad. I don't, though, understand why you did such a review. Just to flame some kid that may be starting out? Also, reading it is a waste of time for anyone looking for good wads to play (or should they piss their pants too?). Watch it, our you'll fall yerself.

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    Guest Chris


    The author of Fallen has actually contacted me before. Back then I told him that I weren't really interested in reviewing his wad. Then time passed by and The RecesS got a new design along with that Submit a Wad section. The author used that to send me the wad again. Then I thought: "Well now, he really want's me to review it badly" So I did. I don't think I'm to blame really. P.S. Fallen is downloadable now.

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