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    Doomer's Recess Review


    Over at the Doomer's Recess there is a new review of Wes Burd's Suicide. No no no, someone didn't kill themselves, it's the name of the level. Sheeze.

    *SNIP*[quote] The design is there. The gameplay is there. And most of all: The originality is there. Once again Wes Burd has accomplished the (almost) impossible. He has made a map unlike any other seen in the community. The level is unique and that is its strength.....</blockquote></font>For the full review you gotta get a move on over to the Recess. But remember, playtime is over!

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    Guest Xenocide


    nice level, but I wouldnt go out of my way to say i really liked it.

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    Guest Mattrim.


    I, on the other hand, very much enjoyed 'Suicide'. It was a nice change of pace from most of the rubbish that cdrom.com and it's ilk expose me to. 'Suicide' featured good use of puzzles, had a non-linear layout, and had wonderful architecture. Overall, it is a very solid map. Oh, and Mr. Spencer: I very much enjoy your DOOM-related material. I look forward to playing your Alien Vindicta/Vendetta contributions.

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