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    DoomLauncher 1.0.0 released


    Ever wanted to sort your custom mods and maps in an organized way? hobomaster22 has just released his Doom database frontend Doom Launcher, bringing it up to version 1.0.0, fixing a lot of bugs present in the beta, and adding a lot of new useful features. Doom Launcher is hosted at the Realm667, so you can get the latest version right there. It's definitely worth trying out, as it is a great help for all you collectors. If you find bugs or have suggestions, feel free to post them in the development forums.

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    Carniverous Goat said:

    Was hoping for something a little more extravagant in terms of a frontend. I suppose there's no need to replace Qzdl anytime soon.

    What did you expect? We are still open to feature suggestions :)

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    Tormentor667 said:

    What did you expect? We are still open to feature suggestions :)

    I'll wait to see how it turns out. Coincidence though, when you seem to be around Tormentor. Mods and projects your involved in seem to get better with age and updates sometimes(was hoping for an expansion on Stronghold someday). Not that it's a bad thing, just that, every time I've given my "feature suggestion" on any forum.. It's never acknowledged or given a chance. Good luck though.

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    This is why they are called "feature suggestions". By the way, this thing is just hosted by the Realm667, it's actually hobomaster22's baby and I just gave him some ideas to play around with. :) So chances are actually higher that suggests get actually realised

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