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    DoomRL, Now with Eye & Ear Candy


    The Doom-based roguelike game, DoomRL, recently received a major update. Apart from the usual tweaks and fixes, the new version adds a graphical mode with art from the acclaimed indie game artist Derek Yu, as well as MP3 music tracks from Sonic Clang and high quality sound effects by Per Kristian Risvik. The new release can be downloaded here, while people hungry for preview appetizers can turn to the fresh screenshots or the new showcase video.

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    Excellent stuff. I've been playing this for a few days now and I really can't fault it.

    Love this game.

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    Love it! Its simple and true to the base material. The visuals and game play are all sharp and polished. The music is fantastic!

    The only gripes I have are with the cumbersome control scheme which took a bit to get used to. I would have preferred some kind toggle button interface (along with the hot keys) at the very least to show off all the different kinds of actions you can do.

    Its still a great play though!

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    I knew this game existed but I never actually tried it until just now. I can't remember the last time a game set my synapses on fire like this. I MUST PLAY, then PLAY SOME MORE. It helps that Doom and ADOM were two of the defining games of my adolescence.

    The only thing I feel is missing that would fit this game is a "stunning" mechanic, where monsters are less likely to attack when suffering continuous fire.

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    My coverage efforts have been hampered lately due to ISP issues, but I'm going to be broadcasting an introduction/ragefest on http://tastyspleen.tv/live in a few minutes from this post. Should be a nice change of pace. :)

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