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    Doomsday (1.9.10) Is Upon Us


    Doomsday (1.9.10) is upon us. It is the end of JDoom, JHeretic and JHexen; from their ashes will arise LibDoom, LibHeretic and LibHexen, as the jports have now been relegated to logic plugins for the engine. Doomsday 1.9.10 focuses on improving and preparing the code base for the future ambitions of Doomsday 2, notably by introducing the new scripting core that will become user accessible in future releases. For a full list of changes, see here. Cause your own mini Doomsday in Hell by downloading the new release from here.

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    moar lens flares!!

    seriously, real time lighting and shadows. Assuming such a thing is possible in a 2D engine :)

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    DoomUK said:

    What kind of grandeur is envisioned for Doomsday 2? Or is it too early to say/ask?

    Some of our plans are laid out in the development roadmap. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what will be, however.

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    I had actually given up on Doomsday getting a new release, great to see it still alive and kicking. I'll be readding it to my port folder :D

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    Doomsday probably gets more stable releases than any other port since 1.9.7 though :p

    It's intended that a new stable release be made every 3-4 months. Twice a week unstable builds are also created (three times a week when preparing for a new stable release).

    EDIT: to prehaps do a bit of promotion; Dday has a built in updater that can be set to automatically inform you when a new stable or unstable build is availible.

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    Hmm. I had to take long breaks from Doom during various computer breakdowns, I remembver Doomsday always being unstable after a certain point, with long development times that never seemed to go anywhere. I guess I got out of the loop on it. Anyway, hope its progress goes well. Im just happy I can use it again!

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