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    Doomsday Approacheth


    Jaakko has updated his RavenGames .plan with some news about how things are going during these final two weeks of work before he's carted off to the army. Thanks NewDoom.

    Two weeks left. I'm finishing up the new client/server networking code, but I'm afraid when you do something entirely new in a haste the results are not the very best. I think it's fairly obvious that getting it to the level I'd like it to be on will take a lot longer than the two weeks I have before my army service begins. It will work, but the question is how well?

    The changes I'm making to the code are quite considerable, and converting to c/s means additions to the game DLLs as well. Up to now I've only been working with JHeretic. It would be pretty easy to get JDoom going, too, since the changes between them aren't that great, but JHexen's polyobjs will take a bit more thinking and some new code. If I run out of time it probably means JHexen 1.0 won't make it. Just an early warning.

    Things I still need to do with JHeretic include network player settings (color, changing your name), level changes, intermissions/finale and fixing demos (they broke because view angles aren't recorded as deltas any more). After finishing these (should take a couple of days) I'm going to release a test version of JHeretic, a qtest of sorts. Its purpose is to find out how well the new network code actually works.

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    Guest Confusion


    Oh why oh why must Jaakko go? Why? Why? Must the world be so cruel?

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    Well, what do you think? But, of course, it is too late to judge right now simply the fact that that JDoom has not been released yet. But, simply as a prediction, who do you think will topple over as the better client/server port?

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    Guest Anonymous User


    The day JHeretic comes out, Ill put up a Jheretic server on the net. - Evenball[RSG]

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    The csDoom author has had more time to test and perfect network play. Not a fair comparison.

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    Maybe Jaakko should just pass on his engine to the csDoom author. Best of both worlds, so to speak.

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