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    Doomsday, BFGtober


    id and their semi-benevolent corporate puppetmasters have announced that Doom 3: BFG Edition will hit the streets in the US on October 16th, with Europe scheduled to have its turn three days later on the 19th. The collection will set you back $30 on PC, and $40 on the consoles. No word on European pricing.

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    I really don't know if I should like this or not. I liked having to make the choice between weapon and flashlight. I cannot really see any graphical improvements in the trailer. Also, the expansion is missing in the German version due to stupid legal issues. Would buying the US version work in Germany? Or will Doom3 BFG be linked to Steam like they did with Rage, preventing a foreign version to be added?

    Also, I fear they might add achievements like beating the game on nightmare, what I did years ago without it having been tracked anywhere, putting me in a stupid "should I do it again to make it official" conflict.

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    Price is the same as Doom 3 + ROE on Steam now, so it's definitely a good price that has been set. However, I personally feel that it's still too expensive for people like me that already own the original Doom 3 ... I'll pass on this; (maybe) unless it gets a big sale.

    Plus I just got done replaying Doom 3 a few days ago, and I particularly like being able to run it on an open source engine (64bit linux with none of the original's graphics/sound issues). I have the bad feeling that BFG Edition won't be supported by GPL engines.

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    Marnetmar said:

    Hey, October 16th is my birthday!

    Happy Birthday! *just in case I forget to say so later on*

    The $30 price tag is acceptable, provided it's physical media. All I need now is to find out when it's available in Australia.

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    Would be cool if the PC version came with that new Doom 2 episode. Haven't heard anything about that yet. I have it on XBLA and its pretty good.

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