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    Doomsday Comes Again


    Coder extraordinaire Jaakko Keranen has updated the jDoom site with a new release of the hardware-accelerated Doomsday engine, bringing the Doom, Heretic, and Hexen port up to version 1.5.5. This new version of probably the best-looking Doom-engine port available fixes some bugs with the engine, not to mention adding a few new features. The webpage describes this new version as mostly a "maintenance release," with the following changes:

    Model autoscaling (df_autoscale) was broken.
    KickStart WAD path problem.
    Minor graphics glitches: masked textures vertical clamping, model footclipping (standing in water).

    New features include:

    Gamma correction, display contrast and brightness adjustments using console variables (vid_Gamma, vid_Contrast, vid_Bright).
    lgf_nohalo: No lens flare rendered for a light source (used with jHeretic's chandeliers).
    High-resolution textures can be in PNG format. See the Doomsday Readme for detailed info.

    Available for download are a standalone version of jDoom 1.12.3, a unified package of all the latest versions of the three j-ports, and the latest Doomsday sources dated March 15, 2002.

    If you've been out of the loop, Doomsday is an enhanced, hardware-accelerated Win32 version of Doom/Heretic/Hexen which runs under OpenGL or Direct3D. It includes such features as mouselook, lensflares, mipmapping, a Quake-like console, dynamic lights, lensflares, 3D sounds and reverb effects, DirectPlay multiplayer games, 3D models, high-resolution textures, and more.

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    Nice work.
    But what are the limits of the pictures size ? I had a 514x514,1.5 Mo picture and it crashed while loading. I resize it to 256x256 , 170 K and it went ok.

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    DirectPlay multiplayer games

    I've heard every coder in the Universe say DirectPlay sucks big time. Does anyone has more info on that?

    Excellent work, though, downloading right now.

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    I dunno. The only DirectPlay games I've ever played online were LucasArts games. Jedi Knight, Star Wars Rebellion ...

    They work, from a player's perspective.

    JDoom's DirectPlay implementation left a bit to be desired, last I checked.

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    ya i wish legacy had these features...jdoom just owns when it comes to eye candy it totally spanks q1 out of the water..to bad the md2 models suck ass :)..but other than that i think it rocks..

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    Foolish newbie! We all know md2 models suck ass! Of course, that could be because the format doesn't allow for non-assfaced models...


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    Yeah, the md2 format is not the problem. You could add tons of polygons and make the skin larger and more detailed. No doubt the models will look better then. But modelling is quite a difficult skill to master. Cheb's doing his best to improve the models visually.

    Besides, it's mostly the monster md2s that look a bit weird. There's nothing wrong with the md2s for the medikits and ammo.

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    Originally posted by Arno
    Besides, it's mostly the monster md2s that look a bit weird. There's nothing wrong with the md2s for the medikits and ammo.

    True that.

    Another problem with the monsters is the animation. Some of them walk in weird ways...

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