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    Doomster has updated with a review of a 4-level deathmatch WAD entitled "Beresith" from one of the authors of Cybderdreams, which Cocoon declares to be a "masterpiece" with a score of 8.5 out of 10.

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    Guest Opulent


    slick design, spaces are a little cramped. Reminds me of several other wads... like DMC2 especially. good download, if just for the dm demos inside. =)

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    Guest Xenocide


    I didn't like the first 3. They were just too plain looking, and I played them with a friend, and ended up playing each for maybe a minute or two. But, it is worth the download. That fourth level has got to be one of the best dm levels I've played for a long time. Nice and open, many routes to go, and the weapons aren't too hard to get.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Welp, it had to happen sooner or later. I'm going to have to drop out of the community for a while due to the usual crap--work/school/chicks. It's been good.
    If anyone feels like writing me (yeah, right) before I ship out, my e-mail is levendis79@hotmail.com. Cya 'round,

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